I have lived for years in Corsica but always moving between Spain, Italy and France and now I am a resident in Lanzarote.
The sails, the lighthouses and nature, which seem to hear the song of the wind and the sea, are for me the essence of joy and wonder for the eyes.
Curiosity is the engine that drives my artistic vision, it is exploration, investigation and learning.
It gives birth to the desire to find answers. It stimulates knowledge and interaction with the environment, motivating my photographic search.
My production is mainly based on the theme of nature and regattas. Each work is born from a specific project understood as a synthesis of beauty, perfection and order.
I bring inspiration from nature and the sea that become the object and subject of intensive work that is part of my artistic expression.
Post-production is the key step of the entire creative process. I rework reality by taking care of every aspect of visual communication, from color to perspective and composition.
My approach aims at a progressive reduction and remodelling of the visual elements to the essentials.
The photos presented in the different exhibitions are tied to the sea, to the wind, the unmatched elegance of the sails.

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