They say about me:
A mountain in the middle of the sea, that’s Corsica, an apparent well amalgamated contrast with its lush green and ultra-white beaches.
Alessandra Antonini tells us about this contrast and leads us to this land through two different styles: unfurled sails that seem drawn in pencil, and the perception of the voice of the wind out of delicate but powerful and explosive lines, putting us on the crest of the wave to listen to that majestic sound of its breaking on cliffs. We then disembark on this land of strong colours from which Alessandra extracts images of intense white and black, almost violent in their struggle to dominate one over the other. A perfect antithesis originates out of it, where the subject, almost as the object of desire, is captured and imprisoned and stuck on panels that give then solidity to the image itself. We browse with pleasure the images of an album plastered on the walls in a journey among images that leave no one indifferent, presented by geometrical knowledge and painstaking technique.
Alessandra authenticates her technical and artistic maturity, fruit of knowledge and experience. A passion that has been cultivated since her childhood and that is an integral part of her love for the nature, the landscapes and the architecture. She is immerged in such contrasts by spending her time in Corsica, in the Canary Islands, and Italy . She has been working for well-known Italian photographic agencies. She shares her images on the web, attends events and shows. France, Italy are the locations of her presentations: Milan, Bastia, Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio, Novegro, San Donato and Melegnano.

Why I photograph?  To tell my story, that is my vision of the world. Photography allows talking, I started by travelling and I will keep on doing it.

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